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12th Illinois Cavalry Co. F

Quartermaster Report


Quartermaster report:

Since our unit and the 10 th Mo are growing we are needing to increase our Quartermaster capabilities. You have all seen and probably cussed at the wagon just as I have. Well let me tell you that word from up on high tells us that we are going to start using it. We are mobile but we want to be and

should be highly mobile. We are the Cavalry after all. Any of you who were at Nationals last year can remember the problems we had with getting water. We ran out once while holding the road and one man from another unit had to be taken out in an ambulance. We even bad personnel in our unit come down with the symptoms of dehydration. Because of

this the wagon is going to be used as a rolling resupply point. Should we need it the wagon can also be used as an ambulance to get wounded or dehydrated personnel out of the field and to the medical facilities.

The wagon will be primarily filled with collapsible 5-gal waterjugs. We will also have ammunition resupply capabilities. We are not allowed to have powder flasks on the field so we have to make paper reloads for the pistols. We will have cream of wheat in bottles, just not the powder.

We ask that everyone wanting a pistol reload donate 6 pistol caps that will be kept in a tin in the back of the wagon. Until we come up with a better system we also ask that you make a long powder tube. Put in the first 30 grains, twist the paper and tie it with string, then pat in the second 30 grains, twist and tie. Continue this until you have all six loads in one tube. See if this works, if not just make regular powder tubes with 30 grains in them. You might want to mark them or use a different color paper. You will rip them open to load in the field. Good luck.


Notes from the Field Kitchen:

There is a distinct advantage to being members of the cavalry. No its not that we dont have to worry about running out of meat for the kitchen. The advantage is that we are mobile. The infantry use backpacks to carry their supplies and food, we dont. The brigade field kitchen was introduced to make us more resemble the fast quick fighters that we as Cav. are.

There are just a few things that you should know. The kitchen is the closest to your mother that you can get in the field. Our level of planning and pre-event work is huge. We have to plan the meal, buy the ingredients, store them and keep what needs to be cool, cool before and at the event. Then we have to transport the equipment and food to the events. Set up, cook, serve and then clean the equipment.

Needless to say there is a lot of work involved. The Quartermaster staff are happy to do it. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind that you, the soldier, can do to help. We really only need three things to function. Cash to cover the cost of the supplies. Fire Wood to cook on and Water to cook, clean and drink If you get put on detail to help the kitchen please do it well. It makes our job easier and I will personally thank you One other thing. If you are up late please throw some logs on the fire. The cooks get up usually about 5:30 AM to get the fire going for coffee and breakfast. It makes a world of difference if the fire is still there. Thanks again and may your bellies be pleasantly plump. The Field Kitchen Staff.


Field Advice:

Wet Wipes, Baby Wipes, or Shower in a bag. It doesnt matter what you call them but at a long event you call them heaven. Many people laughed when baby wipes were brought out at last years Nationals but a couple of days into it and people tried them. I can tell you the laughing stopped and people started thankingme. Iguaranteethatiftheyhadbabywipes in the civil war the troops would have used them.

New people can laugh but the vets will just smile and nod in agreement.