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12th Illinois Cavalry Co. F

Uniforms and Equipment.

12th Illinois doesn't require you to purchase all of your equipment at one time. We will help you out with what ever you need for the first year in the unit. Please ask a member of the unit for help before purchasing any items.


Basic Uniform Requirements:
-Forage Cap or Enlisted Hardee
-Shirt (period style made of unbleached muslin)
-US four button Sack Coat or Illinois Vol. Coat
-Suspenders (period style cloth or leather)
-Trousers (US foot or mounted style, sky blue)
-Socks (white or gray wool)
-Brogans or Cavalry boots (whatever you like better)

Weapons & Equipment:
-Saber Belt
-Cap Box
-Carbine Cartridge Box
-Smith Carbine or Enfield Musketoon
-Colt 1851 or 1860 or Remington 1858 Army
-Holster (right side, butt forward)
-Canteen (blue wool covered)
-Tarred Haversack
-Poncho (rubber coated canvas)
-Shelter tent (dog tent) or A frame